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ICA for you is a brand of ICA Group, an Italian group based in Civitanova Marche (in the province of Macerata), which has three plants specializing in the manufacture and marketing of special wood coatings that stand out for their quality, high level of innovation and profound commitment to the reduction of environmental impact. The ICA for you range arose out of the desire to offer hobbyists and artisans a line of paints, preservatives and products for the maintenance of wood that make the most of the latest high technology. Thanks to the input of the group’s research laboratories, ICA for you products can guarantee excellent quality and durability.

The chemical/physical tests conducted on the applied products ensure the exceptional aesthetic quality of the finishes, which is essential for all restorers, companies producing furniture, doors and windows, manufacturers of garden furniture and flooring specialists, who want to achieve the same quality and performance delivered by products intended for wood-coating professionals. The objective is to offer high-quality paints and varnishes that are easy to apply. The range is composed of water-based coatings for interiors and exteriors that stand out for their durability (up to twice that of synthetic coatings), evenness of color and low level of environmental impact.


Experience in wood

ICA for you-brand products have what it takes to meet all the needs of the DIY sector. Thanks to the range’s wood preservatives for outdoor use and its paints and varnishes for wooden furniture and flooring, available in various colors and effects, it is possible to execute professional-quality projects that will last over time. The products for the maintenance of windows and the cleaning of floors give a new lease of life to the wood and are very easy to apply.

Innovation and research

ICA Group’s chemical/physical laboratory was set up to support the formulation operations, with a view to guaranteeing the highest possible performance levels of the coating products. Laboratory tests are carried out on all of the applied products, which provide feedback on the performance levels in a relatively short time frame. Natural weathering tests are conducted on the water-based coatings for exteriors that make it possible to ensure the greatest protection against atmospheric agents and the ravages of time.

A responsible choice

Water-based paints and varnishes have numerous advantages: they are highly elastic and resistant to scratches and wear-and-tear; they can be used on items that have already been treated with solvent-based coatings; they are easy to apply; and they have short drying times.
Thanks to the reduction in solvent emissions that results from their use, they represent the best compromise for those who want to achieve a professional finish without impacting on the environment in the process.




The ICA for you lines

Arborea Line

Out of ICA Group’s experience in the development of products for the coating and maintenance of exterior wood comes Arborea, the ideal solution for those who want to use highly durable water-based preservatives and top coats. Arborea products are subject to rigorous laboratory and natural weathering tests and are perfect for those who want to carry out the treatment of beams or exterior doors and windows, or who want to coat outdoor furniture made of teak or iroko.

Iridea Line

The line includes transparent and lacquered water-based wood coatings for indoor application. The use of water-based coatings for interior furniture guarantees the high quality of the finishes, delivering results that are comparable to those achieved with solvent-based polyurethane coatings. Painting and varnishing pieces of furniture with these products reduces solvent emissions into the atmosphere and protects the environment without compromising on design or on the high quality demanded by artisans and hobbyists.

Parkea Line

The Parkea line was designed specifically for the coating of parquet and other wooden floors. The range encompasses a number of varnishes for wooden flooring that are easy to apply by brush and that protect the wood against wear-and-tear over time, as well as a number of odorless maintenance products that create a dust-resistant anti-static surface. All of the products in the Parkea line are ready-to-use and water-based, and as such they can even be applied in places where there is limited ventilation.

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