If you have given a new lease of life to an old piece of furniture, or you've created your own design using wood, the time has comes to share it with us! Tell us which coating products you used and share your solution with us.

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Rustic-style stool treated with IMG08 no-drop impregnating agent, the transparent FNT60 topcoat gives it color and protects it from bad weather. #wood #legno #exterior
Beautiful garden well cover treated with IMV02 wax-like metallic impregnating agent. #wood #legno #exterior #restoration
Ideal for an outdoor summer lunch or dinner with family and friends, this restored wood table was treated with IMG09 dark walnut no-drop impregnating agent. #wood #legno #exterior #table #restoration
Window leaves restored using IMG09 dark walnut no-drop impregnating agent and FNT35 matt transparent topcoat. #wood #legno #exterior
Unique and elegant wooden coasters. #wood #legno #interior
Hand-made bench coated with FNL07 matt enamel. #wood #legno #exterior
Beautiful wood bench treated with IMV impregnating agent with adds a nice violet red metallic touch. #wood #legno #exterior
Dark green wood necklace treated with IMV03 wax-like impregnating agent. #indoor-furniture #wood #legno
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