Garden furniture and wooden sheds

How to create a wood effect on your wooden shed

Are you ready to enhance the natural surface of your wooden shed? The IMG series is the effective solution for total protection, even against UV rays. Organize all the space around the shed, preparing the necessary equipment and materials. We are ready to start!

Level of difficulty


  • New wood



Step 1

Start by sanding the wooden shed... The more attention you put into this stage, the better the end result will be! Choose a 150/180 grit sandpaper and make sure to wipe off any dirt, residue and resin between one board and another with a dusting brush and a dry cotton or microfiber cloth.

Step 2

Now that you have removed all dust and impurities, the surface is ready to be coated. We suggest to use IMG - no-drop water-based impregnating agent for wood, available in different colors, from neutral to dark walnut.

Step 3

During the application, be careful to move the paint brush in fluid movements, going with the grain and, most importantly, don't leave any uncovered areas. Out tip: when opening the can, mix the product well for at least one minute to reduce its high density. During the application you will notice that the product looks like a gel. This consistency prevents product dripping and guarantees a high performance, even close to knots. Leave to dry for 2 to 4 hours.

Step 4

Complete by applying the FNC transparent water-based topcoat for wood, allowing an interval of at least 2-4 hours between the first and the second coat.

More information
Thanks to the zero-waste edge technology of their packaging, which allows to use 100% of the product, ICA for You products are at your side. Do you have any doubts about which type of brush to choose? For the best application choose a large flat brush with synthetic bristles. IMG water-based impregnating agent is the ideal solution to obtain a natural and professional effect!

Which product to use

Odorless and with minimal environmental impact. Easy to apply by brush, spray or sponge, even vertically, it protects the wood against bad weather and UV rays, giving the wood an even coloration.
Odorless and with low environmental impact. Easy to apply by brush or spray, onto pre-stained wood. Protects the wood against weathering and UV rays.
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Guide to choosing
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