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How to restore poorly maintained wooden shutters to get a stained effect

This task requires a certain degree of manual skill and experience, but we are sure that with ICA FOR YOU products the result will be more than satisfactory. Are you ready to restore the poorly maintained surface of your shutters and give it a fantastic stained effect? Gather all the needed supplies and let's get started!

Level of difficulty


  • Previously coated wood



Step 1

Before painting, carefully prepare the surface by sanding it with 100 grit sandpaper to remove all old paint. Complete by sanding with a 150-180 grit sandpaper, making sure to remove any impurities with a dusting brush. The wood must be clean and dry.

Step 2

Now that your surface is ready, open your can of IMG no-drop water-based impregnating agent for wood of the color you prefer (for this tutorial we used IMG08 -WALNUT), stirring it very well before use. Apply the product on the surface with a paint brush, working in long and linear movements.

Step 3

Wait 2 hours (or in any case not more than 4 hours) to allow the impregnating agent to dry before applying the FNC transparent water-based topcoat for wood (in this case we used FNC01- MATT CEDAR). Stir the product very well before applying it on your surface with a paint brush.

Step 4

Wait 2 to 4 hours before applying a second coat of FNC transparent water-base topcoat for wood.

More information
With ICA FOR YOU coatings you can guarantee greater protection against bad weather and UV rays for your wooden surface. They are easy to apply on many types of surface: frames and shutters, fences, balconies, beams, attics and other wooden items located outdoors. Both the impregnating agent and the transparent topcoat are odourless and have a low environmental impact. They are easy to apply by spray or brush, directly onto untreated wood or pre-impregnated wood.

Which product to use

Odorless and with low environmental impact. Easy to apply by brush or spray, onto pre-stained wood. Protects the wood against weathering and UV rays.
Odorless and with minimal environmental impact. Easy to apply by brush, spray or sponge, even vertically, it protects the wood against bad weather and UV rays, giving the wood an even coloration.
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